It’s an indication of both the rapid development of battery technology, but also a sign of how far we have yet to go when we celebrate the completion of a high-speed lap of the Nurburgring-Nordschleife circuit at in an electric car. However, the BMW Group has just become the first manufacturer to make it happen when the Mini E Race, a modified version of the standard Mini E, completed a lap of the legendary The Mini E Race hit a top speed of mph. Another element is the lack of noise from the drivetrain – it was certainly the cleanest and quietest race lap I’ve ever driven. Extensive preparations had to be completed before the car could attack the Nordschleife. The Mini E Race was fitted with lightweight body panels to reduce its considerable mass with the batteries onboard. It also received a rollcage for safety. Various other components, such as the suspension, brakes and tires, were also upgraded for the run. Mechanically, it shares the same hp electric motor, supplied with energy from lithium-ion battery cells. The control electronics and the software were reprogrammed to achieve optimal performance for the Nordschleife.

Mercedes-AMG GT3 Not For the Faint of Heart

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thomas-jaeger-mercedes-amg-pest-development-driver. track is the large amount of time spent at top speed and the banked turns which put a lot of stress on running gear. Nitro World Games date announced

OmniAir Plugfests are the premier testing events for Connected Vehicles. These week-long events, provide an opportunity to test V2X devices, in both lab and field environments, with leading laboratories and test equipment providers from around the world. Panels of leading technical and policy experts from around the world will explore technical and policy issues, including global interoperability, cybersecurity, DSRC vs C-V2X for safety applications, as well as sustainable transportation options.

There are representatives from the Spanish Government, and local industry leaders along with connected mobility experts, and researchers, from world. Opening Session. Keynote Session. Alain Vouffo , Product Manager, Spirent. Datentechnik GmbH. Networking Reception. It is the capital city of the Costa del Sol Sun Coast and has great weather most of the year.

2019 24H GT Series

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Jakob Staude, Thomas Henning, Hans-Walter Rix, Klaus Jäger, Axel M. Quetz. Text: Thomas Bührke date the interests of the German astronomical commu- nity in the European tion between radial speed variation and parameters which​.

The two previous visits of the series provided four different winners in very different weather conditions. The rain arrived in time for the second race, flooding the track; Jean-Karl Vernay Volkswagen Golf made fewer mistakes than anybody else and surfaced as the winner. Set up is crucial at the Salzburgring, to avoid issues with wear of the front-left tyre. It is also important to survive the risks of a pile-up at the first chicane and avoid high-speed contacts that may result in massive damage to the cars.

Just as in Spa-Francorchamps, car performance is due to be especially affected at the Salzburgring because of the long uphill part and hard braking points. Colciago was able to cut the gap by twenty-five points and Comini by seven, which means that they are currently lying in second and third, 16 and 18 points behind Vernay respectively. A strong field of twenty-three cars will compete at the Salzburgring, where the series welcomes some new teams and drivers. Now they return to the championship with the confidence of running a more competitive car.

This is why I have not set myself a precise goal for Salzburgring. There I will focus on taking my bearings at the wheel of the car and becoming acquainted with the team. Now I will be focusing in doing my best in what is also my first race ever at the Salzburgring and in one of the most competitive Touring Car series in the world. We are a small team, but we have a lot of experience.

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Sweaty, emotionless and nursing a neck-ache, five-time DTM champion Bernd Schneider emerges from the cockpit of a prototype GT3 racing car with ominous feedback. DTM hero Bernd Schneider is the lion tamer. Poor guy. Add to that, a set of blazing hot side-exit exhausts that have been busy boiling underneath.

Stephan Jäger and Andreas Ludwig. Open abstract View article, Yi Feng, Miha Založnik, Brian Thomas and André Phillion. Open abstract View article, A 3D.

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Mercedes-Benz will be on hand at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, the largest motorised garden party in the world Jackie Stewart- Date of birth: 11 June Bernd Schneider and Thomas Jäger have accompanied the SLS AMG GT3.

The series has been broadcast in countries worldwide. The tasks of the Cobra 11 team consist primarily in solving crimes and catching the perpetrators. Typical elements of the action genre are mixed, so that there are regular car crashes, shootouts, explosions and fistfights. These action scenes are elaborately produced in most cases, and appropriately presented in a spectacular way. The high number of unrealistic scenes is a common criticism of the series; for example, large explosions often happen after small collisions while people emerge unharmed out of cars which have sustained catastrophic damage.

Ihr Revier ist die Autobahn. Their enemies: Extremely quick and dangerous Verbrechen ohne Limit. The series is known for its extremely well performed stuntwork , which features the destruction of various vehicles in every episode.

EP2103379B1 – Système de mesure de force intégré au mandrin – Google Patents

You can read how Tebis Consulting works at the customer’s location and the benefits to the customers from the consulting services. Reuss GmbH. Of course, we wanted to be faster, better and bigger; the only question was how.

Publication Date Inventors JÄGER, Thomas transmission of a drive train using clutch input speed and wheel speed, whereby variations in speed.

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