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Tales and traditions about Alexander the Great were popular throughout the Greco-Roman world. These sources present wide-ranging accounts of Alexander and his character, with the aim of delivering messages on numerous subjects, including power and its limits. Rabbinic literature also presents more than one perspective on Alexander. While scholars have viewed the mention of Alexander as a symbol of the Hellenistic world, and even the Greco-Roman world, the placement of these tales in a context that criticizes Rome is rarely considered.

The genesis and source of the H7N9 influenza viruses causing human infections The scale bar to the left of each tree represents substitutions/site. H7N9 outbreak lineage, molecular clock dating of divergence dates suggests: either a.

For more information and real-time updates regarding the reopening, check out the Genesis Hub. As you are aware, this is an unprecedented time and our agency needs are changing and evolving at a rapid pace. The Genesis Hub is your one-stop shop to access current needs, resources and the latest updates. At Genesis, we know that everyone deserves to feel safe and comfortable in their own homes. The new Genesis Market has a variety of styles, colors and designs that you can choose from.

Create and personalize your own fundraising page and invite your family and friends to make a contribution today! Genesis Women’s Shelter exists to give women and children in abusive situations a path to lead an independent and safe life. The Genesis Annual Luncheon has been rescheduled for September 2, Join us virtually to hear from Academy Award-winning actress Nicole Kidman!

We have seen how domestic violence affects lives and families.

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The results are summarized of 40Ar/39Ar dating and chemical and isotopic analyses on igneous rock samples from the Philippine Sea, particularly from the West.

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Either your web browser doesn’t support Javascript or it is currently turned off. In the latter case, please turn on Javascript support in your web browser and reload this page. Nature , 21 Aug , : DOI: A novel H7N9 influenza A virus first detected in March has since caused more than human infections in China, resulting in 40 deaths 1 , 2. Preliminary analyses suggest the virus is a reassortant of H7, N9 and H9N2 avian influenza viruses and carries some amino acids associated with mammalian receptor binding, raising concerns of a new pandemic 1 , 3 , 4.

However, neither the source populations of the H7N9 outbreak lineage nor the conditions for its genesis are fully known 5.

Therefore asking about the genesis of La Tène Cultures is often viewed as asking Thousands and thousands of burials dating from the 5th century BC were dug Some date from the Late Bronze Age, but the sites are very unusual (​Figure.

Key, E. Wright; The genesis of the Gaborone rapakivi granite complex in southern Africa. Journal of the Geological Society ; 2 : — The Gaborone Granite is a mushroom-shaped intrusion with a surface area of over km 2. The intrusion is layered, consisting of a central core of rapakivi granite Thamaga Granite surrounded by successive shells of an equigranular leucocratic granite Kgale Granite , a porphyritic granophyre or microgranite Ntlhantlhe Microgranite and an outermost zone of massive felsite Kanye Volcanics.

The whole lithological sequence is deduced to have been derived from a single, highly viscous magma body emplaced into the crust at a high level. The genesis is proposed as follows. The outer felsites represent quenched primary magma with the underlying porphyritic granophyres having formed during a subsequent tranquil period after emplacement. The rapakivi granite core was also of early crystallization above the floor but with significant textural characters impressed during updoming in the late crystallization stage.

The Gaborone Granite was emplaced in the Kaapvaal Craton at about Ma and its morphology was controlled by pre-existing structures in the crust. The country rock consists of Archaean gneisses, Lobatse Volcanic Group supracrustals and locally Transvaal Supergroup strata. Chemically the Gaborone Granite is identical to other early Proterozoic non-orogenic granites of the Kaapvaal Craton.

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HW1, Hugh White, Narration and Discourse in the Book of Genesis these[92] patterns point to an ancient editorial agency which is contesting the privileged grasp of 6. predetermination of time of commencement of Flood by exact dating​.

Mediterranean trees have patterns of cambial activity with one or more pauses per year, leading to intra-annual density fluctuations IADFs in tree rings. We analysed xylogenesis January —January in Pinus pinea L. Dendrochronological methods and quantitative wood anatomy were applied and enabled IADF identification and classification. We showed that cambium in P. From January to March , post-cambial enlarging earlywood-like tracheids were observed, which were similar to transition tracheids.

The beginning of the tree ring was therefore not marked by a sharp boundary between latewood of the previous year and the new xylem produced. True earlywood tracheids were formed in April. L-IADFs were formed in autumn, with earlywood-like cells in latewood. Despite having completely different wood formation models and different life strategies, the production of earlywood, latewood and IADF cells was strongly controlled by climatic factors in the two species.

Such cambial production patterns need to be taken into account in dendroecological studies to interpret climatic signals in wood from Mediterranean trees. Environmental signals are incorporated in anatomical features of xylem rings, whose formation is driven by genetic and climatic factors affecting different phases of cambial cell division, cell differentiation and programmed cell death Scarpella and Meijer, ; Fonti et al.

The general increase in drought forecast for the Mediterranean basin Stocker et al. Such models, based on a unimodal pattern of xylogenesis, are not directly transferrable to softwoods and hardwoods growing in Mediterranean climates.

Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences

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How does the ethical review process work in Sweden and which are the designated ethics committees? The regional research ethics boards are independent bodies responsible to the ministry of education. All of the six large universities in Sweden have a regional research ethics board, which, in regions comprising larger universities, may involve one to four different units for medical research review and always one separate unit for review of non-medical research with humans.

The regional committees have their own administration and economy although they are located close to or within the university building. They may get administrative help from the university but the internal work of the ethics boards is entirely independent from the university and they have their own internal organization. There is also the Central ethical review board. Besides making decisions on controversial issues delivered by a REC, the central board is an appeal body for researchers who want to complain about a decision made by a regional board.

However, this is only the case when supervision is not already the task of the medical project agency in cases of clinical trials or the Swedish board of health and welfare if the study concerns patients in the health care system. The Swedish research council is authorized by the education ministry to give provisions for the procedures of the research vetting including changes in the application forms. The research council is responsible for education of the research ethics board members.

Both the regional and the central research review boards have a common web site where relevant information including related links to laws and other regulations can be found. Central E-Mail: kansli stockholm.

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